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Authentic Relationships

Published On February 24, 2023

family photoBrant’s story at HP Pres began as an infant when he was brought to church by his parents. As he grew, he attended the Day School and student ministries. After college, Brant returned to HP Pres and began attending with his wife, Laurel.

Their involvement in various ministries over the years allowed them to see people connect with Christ from all walks of life. They soon realized they wanted the chance to walk through life regularly with people rooted in God’s truth to encourage them, help them, pray for them, and hold them accountable in the way that God designed relationships to be.

By joining a Community Group at HP Pres, Brant and Laurel surrounded themselves with relationships that allowed them to bring their authentic selves without fear or judgment. As a group, they encourage one another to study the Word and consistently deepen their relationship with God.

Brant and Laurel have felt loved and encouraged through the ups and downs of life that would have been much harder had they been isolated from their community. Their group is more than just a Bible study and has provided them with people who can walk with them through life, no matter the circumstances.

Whether in a single group or couples, Community Groups provide people with a place to be known and loved, just like Christ loves us.

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