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Richard Ackerman

Gym Monitor

Jade Alsina

Outreach Coordinator

Ramie Baker

Worship Leader

Becky Barnett

Accounting Manager

Cameron Beaty

Pastor, Peak Street Church

Janie Bell

Director of Women

Nelson Bell

Pastor of Formation and Care

Katherina Blask Headshot

Katherine Blas


Daniel Brooke

Associate Director of Middle School

Tyler Campbell

Tyler Campbell

Audio Director


Que Carmichael

Facilities Manager

Abigail Castillo headshot

Abigail Castillo


Photo not yet taken

Michelle Chen

The Day School School Accountant

Holly Croley

Discipleship Coordinator

Anna Crumpler

Associate Director of Middle School

Bryan Dunagan

Bryan Dunagan

Senior Pastor

Charlie Dunn

Pastor, Grace Lake Highlands

Aidan staff photo

Aidan Easterling

Facilities Operator

Knoxie Edmonson

Wedding Coordinator

Wilson Engel

Director of Recreation

Photo not yet taken

Alicia Espitia


Andrew Franklin

Pastor of Good Shepherd Oak Cliff

Ginny Frye

Ginny Frye

Executive Coordinator to the Senior Pastor

Photo not yet taken

Gladys Gathiga


Christi Glasscock

Connections Coordinator

Sarah Good

Sarah Good

Executive Director

Zee Green

Facilities Operator

Theresa Guerra

Director of Finance

Ginger Gustovich

The Hillier School Executive Director

Mirajan Habibi

Facilities Operator

Photo not yet taken

Caleb Hardy

Hall Worship Director

Holly Hardy

Holly Hardy

Art Director

Elisha Harris

Facilities Coordinator

Kelli Harrison

Care Coordinator

Isabelle Heard

Director of Elementary

Charley Hellmuth

Minister of Families, Kids, & Students

Maddi Hendrick

Music Ministry Coordinator

Tony Hernandez

Facilities Operator

Brenda Hidrogo

Director of Child Development Center

Photo not yet taken

Abby Hines

The Day School Director of Admissions

Greg Hobbs

Director of Music

Zack House

Creative Director

Alex Hurtado

Facilities Operator

Photo not yet taken

Pablo Hurtado

Worship Leader, Grace Lake Highlands

Kimber Jensen

Kimber Jensen

Executive Coordinator for the Senior Leadership Team

Kitty Johnson

Children's Choir Coordinator

Ron Jones

Ron Jones

Campus Safety Manager

Simon King'ori

Simon Kingori

Pastor of All Nations

Caroline Krause

Director of Mobilization

Bess Kruger

Associate Director of Nursery

Jay Lee Headshot

Jay Lee

Executive Pastor

Yoonmi Lim


Calum Lindsay

Pastor of Alpha and Prayer

Jordan Lockette

Jordan Lockette

Manager, Church Coffee

Photo not yet taken

Lisbeth Lopez


Ed Mahon

Alexander Bldg Security Desk Associate

Wil McCall

Pastoral Fellow

Steve McLean

Pastoral Fellow – Discipleship

Photo not yet taken

Fatima Mohammadi


Bill Moody

Bill Moody

Assistant Church Planter, Peak Street Church

Laurie Moore

Student Ministry Coordinator

Teresa Murray

Director of Early Childhood

Wes Nichols

Pastor of Students

Valentin Nunez

Facilities Operator Supervisor

Cindy Nyagaki

Associate Director of Elementary

Don Owens

Alexander Bldg Security Desk Associate

Savannah Pace

Associate Director of High School


Tyler Pace

Director of College and Young Adults

Josh Peck

Pastor of Formation

Francisco Perez

Director of IT

Janel Perez

The Day School Executive Director

Susan Pierce

Human Resources Director

Jani Prifti

Facilities Operator

Brenda Pulido

Brenda Pulido


Alma Ramos


Joshua Ramos

Gym Monitor

Sayda Ramos


staff photo-rassamni

Emily Rassamni

Volunteer Coordinator

Andy Raub

Andy Raub

Director of Generosity

Bailey Ray

Associate Director of High School

CJ Reed


Amy Rembert headshot

Amy Rembert

Communications Manager

Todd Rutenbar

IT Manager

Silvia Salas


Palwasha Sarfarazi

Facilities Operator

Margie Sasser

The Day School Accountant

Emily Scates

Pastoral Resident – Discipleship

Megan Searcy

Highland Kids Ministry Coordinator

Maria Segovia


Jack Sezer


Amber Sheffield

Associate Director of 5th and 6th

Rachel Southard

Content Developer

Becky Stockum

Discipleship Coordinator

Mark Story


Photo not yet taken

Desi Stringer

The Day School Office Coordinator

Jalen Taylor

Pastoral Resident

Walter Teter

Commissioned Lay Pastor

Courtney thang headshot

Courtney Thang

Production Coordinator

John Turner

Assistant Pastor, Grace Lake Highlands

Eugene Venechanos

Facilities Engineer

Ben Wang

Pastor of the Chinese-Mandarin Church

Lauren Warman

Associate Director of Early Childhood

Phil Warman

Director of 5th & 6th Grade

Judi Wheeler

Director of Outreach

Sterling White

Director of Connections

Richard Wildman

Richard Wildman

Director of Facilities

Amanda Wilson

Students Choir Director

Thomas Wilson

Production Technician

Lesley Wilson-Moore

Director of All Nations

Katie Woodley

Director of Engagement

DaMarcus Wright

Production Director

Tasia Wright

Accounting Analyst

Kaitlin Zeller

Katie Zeller

The Day School Director of Operations

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