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Request prayer or learn how to make prayer part of your day-to-day life.

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When You Pray

Tools for Learning About Prayer

We recognize that we all learn and grow in different ways as we find and follow Jesus. As you focus on growing in prayer (having conversations with God), here are three options by Pete Greig to continue the conversation of prayer into your home. 

- Watch a Video -The Prayer Course on RightNow Media
- Read a Book - How to Pray A Simple Guide for Normal People
- Grab the Spark Notes - Toolshed Prayer Course

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Pray Today

Take a moment to pray:

* that we would be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through us
* in thanksgiving for the loving, perfect, and mysterious relationship between the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit on this Trinity Sunday
* for families and friends who lost their loved ones while serving our country as they remember and honor them this Memorial Day
* for our summer interns as they settle into their ministry roles to be encouraged and empowered for the ministry and growth ahead of them this summer
* for the church in Iran, specifically our partners Pars and Iranian Bible Society as they help their network of house church navigate during this time of unsettlement with the death of the Iranian President

Prayer Teams

Praying for Our Family, Our City, and Beyond

Prayer changes everything because it allows us to communicate directly with God. Through the power of prayer, believers can bring healing, peace, and transformation into our lost world.

HP Pres creates opportunity to learn about and participate in different types of prayer through the five Prayer Teams. These teams focus on specific areas of prayer as they educate and equip believers to deepen their faith and impact the world around them.

Learn more about each of our Prayer Teams below:

Prayer Teams

The Inner Healing Prayer team exists to help guide you to experience freedom from the areas where you may feel bound, defeated, and wounded, that have hindered your relationship with God. By inviting Jesus to shine his light, he will help you identify what “lies” you are believing that are keeping you from knowing the truth of God’s love for you so that you’ll be able to receive God’s wholeness and healing in him.

The Physical Healing Prayer Team meets with people who request prayer for personal health. The prayer time may include listening, declaring, anointing, laying on of hands, and reading scripture aloud. This ministry allows gifts of healing and expressions of care to be shared for the building up of God’s Kingdom, with results manifested by the Holy Spirit either in this world or the next.

The Prayer Walking Team uses movement to participate with the Holy Spirit and bring the kingdom of heaven to earth. It involves an openness to God’s unique vision for places and spaces, and we’d love for you to partner with us as we steward the flourishing of our city through prayer!

The Crisis Prayer Team exists to follow the Spirit’s leading through prayer, worship, and discernment. We participate in the kingdom of God by engaging with large scale timely issues impacting our local, national, and global context. We are Spirit led. Kingdom driven. Crisis focused.

The Intercessory Prayer Team exists to pray for people so they may find God’s healing, restoration, and love. They also pray for God to accomplish his work through the people of our church. Praying for our congregants, worship services, ministries, and missionaries is our holy responsibility and our great privilege. Intercessory prayer means waiting on the Lord and trusting that the Holy Spirit will intercede.

We are delighted to welcome you to use the Sanctuary for personal prayer between 9:30 am–4:30 pm, Monday to Thursday. During your prayer time, consider using the prayer points included on this page.