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The Foundation at HP Pres – Make a Difference Tomorrow, Today

Published On December 1, 2022

The Foundation at HP Pres can help you create a permanent Endowment Fund, which can benefit HP Pres far into the future.

An Endowment is a fund held by a charitable organization in which the donor has imposed a restriction that prohibits some or all of the funds from being spent currently. It is a permanent, trusted fund, created with a tax-deductible donation from a donor.  A donor can create an Endowment during their lifetime or as part of their will.

The Foundation at HP Pres can help you plan a gift that will enhance our church’s mission and transform lives for generations to come.

To create your legacy today, visit our website foundationhppres.com or contact Lori Haughton at lori.haughton@hppres.org.

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