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Haiti Outreach Ministries

Haiti Mission Partner Update

Published On March 28, 2024

Highland Park Pres has been partnering with Haiti Outreach Ministries since 2010.  We have a close relationship with the Haitian staff and kids.  Many of our members have visited Haiti and continue to sponsor children at the school. We have been unable to visit since 2019 but continue to send financial support and pray for them.

Here is an update on how the ministry continues to thrive and be blessing during the current crisis.

  • Schools: The three primary schools and the Barye Fe secondary school are all open and functioning, with attendance averaging around 93%. The majority of teachers have also been able to get to school. The schools will close next week for Easter break as scheduled, with classes expected to resume on April 1.
  • Clinic: The clinic is open and operating. The number of patients has fluctuated between 60 and 95 per day. As some of the clinic personnel travel from other communities, they report taking motorcycles and sometimes disguising themselves in order to arrive safely at the clinic. The MASTAS maternal-child health program embedded in the Repatriote community is operating uninterrupted.
  • Adult vocational school: Classes are taking place, and 63 students were present this week for sewing and computer lessons. Some students who live far away have not been able to get to class as they have to pass through difficult areas to reach the campus. Some other students have moved away due to the insecurity.
  • Churches: Amazingly, all three churches have seen an increase in their members’ attendance at worship services. Some of the pastors have been unable to make it safely to church, but other leaders have stepped in to ensure services take place. All three churches are planning for revivals during this Easter season.

Please join us in prayer for our mission partners around the globe. Pray especially for our partners in Port-au-Prince at Haiti Outreach Ministries as they navigate the devastating circumstances surrounding them. Donations to our mission partners in Haiti can be made here.

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