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Session Update – August 2022

Published On September 2, 2022

On Monday, August 22, our Session met after a time of prayer and fasting to discuss leading HP Pres. Below are some of the highlights from the meeting that you should be aware of and pray for this next month. If you have questions or feedback about any of these topics, you can contact the Session at hppres.org/elders.

Our June session meeting was moderated by Bryan Dunagan, Senior Pastor.
Departing elders Marie Crowe, Neil Rambin, Pete Townsend, and Ted Munselle shared reflections on their time serving on the Session.
Charlie Dunn, Pastor of Grace Church Lake Highlands, and elder Pete Townsend shared exciting developments regarding the option to purchase their current Lake Highlands campus. More information will be presented at next month’s meeting.
The Governance Coordinating Committee, led by Neil Rambin, presented committee appointments for the new term.
T Hardie presented the results of the Senior Pastor evaluation committee, highlighting successes and strengths. Bryan Dunagan then presented his personal goals for growth over the next year.
Audrey Schmidt and Charles Davis shared a presentation about our Deacon Ministry and their goal “to build Christian community in the name of Jesus Christ through ministries of care, prayer, and connection.”
Anne Compton, governing elder, presented an update on Reconciliation Outreach, a non-profit ministry affiliate of HP Pres. Anne is the moderator of the board for Reconciliation Outreach.
The final reading of our 2022-2023 budget took place, and the motion to adopt this budget was approved. Our elders, as well as our finance and operations committee, are keeping a close eye on giving and are watching for changes in trends as the broader economic outlook shifts.

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