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“Moving Up” Move-Up Sunday

Published On February 27, 2023

Ready or not, Summer 2023 is around the corner! As you make your summer plans, we want to be sure that you are aware of a shift in rhythms at HP Pres that will make summer look and feel a little different this year.

Move-Up Sunday, which historically has taken place the Sunday before school begins in August, is moving to the start of summer, on Sunday, June 4th.  We made this change to mirror school rhythms and give children the opportunity to acclimate to their new HP Pres classrooms, ministry opportunities, and build relationships with their new teachers.

Move-Up Sunday always brings mixed emotions for our HP Pres team. We know that we will miss our students who are moving up to the next grade, but we are also eager to welcome all the incoming students. So this year, on Sunday, June 4th, we look forward to cheering on all of the Highland Kids and Students as they walk up the stairs to the next chapter in their faith journey here at HP Pres.

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