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Marriage Prep

Published On August 14, 2023

Preparing for marriage is full of excitement, but can also be full of new challenges. By participating in the Marriage Prep course at HP Pres, Claire and Riley learned to navigate these challenges with real-world examples.

Surrounded by couples with similar questions and challenges, the newly engaged couple was encouraged to discuss crucial topics heading into marriage. Leaders in the Marriage Prep course provide each couple with support and guidance as they strengthen their relationship.

Through this experience, Claire and Riley were able to bond more than they ever have before. Together, they learned how to create a God-centered marriage that solidifies them as partners on the same team instead of competitors fighting for their own needs.

The relationships and skills Claire and Riley built in this course are significant to their life as a married couple. Whether it’s navigating holidays as a married couple, finding community, or talking through the hard issues, there is something for you in Marriage Prep. During 2022, 41 couples completed the Marriage Prep class at HP Pres. Click here to learn more and sign up. 

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