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Flourishing in the Third Third of Life

Published On August 17, 2023

During the last year at HP Pres, more than 150 adults ages 55+ have had the opportunity to participate in wide-ranging, curated events intended to provide enrichment and social connection for individuals in the third third of life.

The third third life stage is unique in that each age group faces different life circumstances. Individuals ages 55–70 are often still working and may have kids at home or just leaving for college, while those ages 70 and older might be grandparents or even great- grandparents. To address third third-ers’ varying interests, HP Pres is sponsoring an increasing variety of events.

The centerpieces of HP Pres’ third third ministry are a six-week Flourishing in the Third Third of Life course and monthly Third Third Luncheons. Flourishing in the Third Third helps adults develop a vision for the third third years by looking at the keys to flourishing, including understanding God’s plan for this part of life, the importance of relationships, and insights for identifying our calling.

Third Third Luncheons are great opportunities to enjoy friends, good food, and stimulating programs on a variety of topics, such as gardening, exercise, movies, food, and protecting ourselves against financial exploitation. Other third third events include seasonal off-site tours, the Walkie Talkies walking club, and quarterly classic movie screenings. In total, there have been 20 reoccurring or series-long events in the last year, and there will be more forthcoming.

HP Pres knows that with age, people’s needs change, and it is important to remain socially connected, supported, physically active, and thriving with every new season of life. If you have not joined us yet, we would love to have you. Click here to see what’s ahead and were you can get plugged in. 

By giving to HP Pres, you are supporting our mission of helping people find and follow Jesus, and serving those who are most vulnerable in our city and world. Give before Aug. 31 at hppres.org/give

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