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people worshipping at peak street church

Five Years of Peak Street

Published On August 24, 2023

Peak Street Church was planted by HP Pres in 2018 with the prayer that it would be a faithful presence in the community to bring people to Jesus. Over the past five years, people have been drawn to this place in search of freedom and belonging.

In an area that is primarily young professionals, people crave authenticity and connections in their community. The city can be exciting, but also very isolating. For young urban professionals, it’s easy to neglect your own soul. Peak has provided a unique opportunity for people to find deep friendship and healing through Jesus.

Located in Old East Dallas, the church is active in responding to the needs that are ever present in their own neighborhood. A strong partnership with Our Calling funnels volunteers and funds into addressing the tangible needs that are very evident in the surrounding area. Because of their location and willingness to serve, Peak has mobilized as the hands and feet of Jesus through multiple natural disasters and prevailing struggles like homelessness.

Since their founding in 2018, Peak has established a presence as a Kingdom outpost that has shifted their membership from 30% of the local neighborhoods to 80% in the past five years. The lonely are being welcomed as family and are given tools to help them flourish in their faith, relationships, and careers. Peak partnerships like The Pegasus Institute teach young professionals in the church skills to help them integrate their faith and work.

People are being motivated by the gospel because of the investment of faith they’ve found through Peak. There’s real transformation happening that is only magnified the further the church is established in the community of Old East Dallas. The Lord has been faithful
in answering our prayer from five years ago that Peak Street Church would be a presence in the community that brings people to Jesus.

There have been challenges throughout the years, but God has turned them all to opportunities. This is just the start of what is in store for Peak Street Church. Our prayer going forward is that the church will be a faithful and fruitful witness of the gospel. We can’t wait to see how God works in the next five years!

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