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Easter Invites

Tips and resources for inviting others to Easter at HP Pres

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Easter Invitation

Invitation to Everyone on Your Feed:
You're invited to @hppres on Sunday, March 31, for an incredible time of worship, a message of hope, and a celebration you won’t want to miss. Pick from our sunrise service on our Front Lawn at 6:30 am, or choose from our classical or contemporary services at 8, 9:30, and 11 am. Check out hppres.org/easter to learn more, or DM me with any questions you have! Happy Easter!

Invitation to a Group
Hi friends! Highland Park Presbyterian Church is hosting an Easter celebration on Sunday, April 9. Would you like to go with me to the [time] service? Let me know if you are interested in attending, so I can save you a seat! Happy Easter!

Invitation to an Individual
Hey [name]! I’m going to celebrate Easter on Sunday, April 9, at [time] at Highland Park Presbyterian Church. I’d love for you to come with me! Are you interested in going? Let me know, I'd love to save you a seat.

Inviting people to church can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few general pointers to make it a little easier when inviting people to HP Pres:

  1. Be yourself – Don’t overthink things! Ask in a way that feels natural to how you usually speak.
  2. Think of people in other circles – Coworkers, neighbors, social media groups, friend or family group chats
  3. Consider in-person or online – Opportunities to invite people (including virtual): text or call, email, social media DM, reshare posts from @hppres, create your own social media post, or invite people during a hangout or conversation
  4. Identify a need – Think about people that need community or resources. You never know what people are going through unless you ask. You can show the love of Jesus this holiday season and be the light people need in a dark world.

If the person you invited accepts, that’s great! Attend or watch the Sunday message at the same time as the person you invited if you are able, and then check-in with them afterward on their thoughts on the service. If they decline, don’t get discouraged. Continue to pray for them and show up for them the way Jesus would.