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Tranquility at Home

Published On October 5, 2023

After HP Pres students served in the Dominican Republic this summer, we received an email from the Executive Director of Mission Emanuel, Jim Sweeney. Read what he wrote below…


When I’m at home, rainy days can be some of my favorite. An opportunity to sit inside, in a cozy spot, with a book…it’s like God sees my need for rest and calls me into His rest. I have a roof over my head and a dry home.

For my friends in the Dominican Republic, Charo and Carlos Caceres (parents to Carlos Caceres, our Director of Operations), a rainy day has always been a very different experience. For years, Charo and Carlos have lived in a flood zone, and every time heavy rains would arrive in Cielo, their home would be underwater.

When we hosted the youth from Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, TX this summer, all of that changed for Charo and Carlos. Highland Park helped us finish construction on a new home for the Caceres family that is safe from floodwaters when it rains. At the end of the week Highland Park moved in NEW furniture into the home and dedicated the home with Charo and Carlos in prayer.

Since moving back in, Charo and Carlos had this to say: “We thank God for everything. This has been a wonderful year that gave us back our confidence, for more than 15 years, whenever it was cloudy we felt a lot of concern and before we knew it the house would already be flooded. Each time, we would  have to move everything out however many of our possessions have been damaged or destroyed over time. Now, after many years, we have finally have tranquility at home.”

There are many other families that pray for protection from the rain. Please consider helping us provide that tangible love from God. We build the house, but Jesus builds the family.

Thank you so much to Highland Park Presbyterian Church for partnering with us in this ministry!


You can go to hppres.org/missions to learn how you can make a difference in our city and beyond.

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