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Reaching All Generations

Published On April 18, 2023

couple travelingSince 1973, Vann has been a pivotal member of HP Pres. Over the years, his involvement in the deacon, elder, and stewardship ministry has helped shape HP Pres into the body of believers it is today.

Through raising his children and grandchildren at HP Pres, Vann has seen the benefit of multigenerational relationships between believers. He has seen first-hand that people want fellowship and relationships in their community more than anything.

For Vann, the Flourishing in the Third Third Course has kept community in his life. When people reach retirement age, many move away, but some stay in the area for family, friends, or familiarity. Since Vann has children and grandchildren in the Park Cities, this is his home.

During this stage in his life, the Flourishing in the Third Third Course opened a new window to what was available. Vann finds ways to pour into each generation each day and encourages others to get involved in intergenerational ministry. You don’t have to look far to find someone hurting. You can find people in your own church that need help or encouragement that you can offer.

If you are looking for a place to connect but feel skeptical, tired, or indifferent, Vann would say, “You can dip your toe in it or dive right it. Try it, and you just might like it. It’s a broad opportunity with space for everyone. Give it a try and see how it is.”

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