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Celebrate Recovery

Overcoming Hurts, Habits, and Hang-Ups

Published On January 3, 2024

John became a covenant partner at HP Pres in 2019 after attending at the invitation of his cousin a few years prior. Although he had regularly attended church before, he had a very left-brained understanding of who Jesus is. It wasn’t until he met a community of like-minded people that he really began to develop an authentic relationship with Jesus.

People in his newly found faith community were experiencing similar life stages and struggles to John and encouraged him to attend Celebrate Recovery. The 12-step program helps people gain recovery for hurts, hang-ups, and habits that keep us from a relationship with God and others and is open to people year-round. “It was through my own recovery journey that I learned how to be completely transparent and vulnerable within community” (John, Celebrate Recovery).

Celebrate Recovery offers people a template for how to consistently take inventory of their own lives, so they are in healthy relationships with God and others. Although 30% of the people working this program are recovering from addiction, the other 70% are there to process life issues like pride, depression, or anxiety. It is for anyone looking for healing from life’s wounds and a program that allows us to move past them to be in fulfilling relationship with God and community.

John shares that Celebrate Recovery “led me into a real relationship with God for the first time in my life.” It isn’t always easy to speak authentically about your challenges, but it is so beautiful to be in community with people who understand what it’s like to struggle. Learn how you can overcome your unhealthy coping mechanisms and replace them with healthy relationship with God and Christ following brothers and sisters at hppres.org/care.


For additional questions, contact Nelson Bell at nelson.bell@hppres.org or (214) 525-4236.

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