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Anna Grace and Family

Never Be Shaken

Published On April 26, 2024

Your teen years are formative for who you become as an adult. Influences from school, family, media, and relationships all play a factor in how you start to view the world around you. It takes intentionality to grow spiritually in a world where it is not always celebrated to follow Christ. For Anna Grace, the HP Pres student ministry has been integral in helping her faith flourish. 

The distance she felt in her relationship with God narrowed over time as she became more involved in the student ministry. After attending the Ignite student retreat, Anna Grace shares that “the progress I have made with the Lord has made my life and the way I view things as I am growing up change for the better.” Because of the Ignite Retreat, she learned what it is to experience a real relationship with Jesus. Since then, she has been intentional about pursuing Christ wholeheartedly. She has made some of her closest friends, strengthened her understanding of prayer, and learned that God will always meet you where you are. 

At the Ignite Retreat, Anna Grace learned that “the life God desires for you is provided by him but has to be chosen by you.” A relationship with Jesus leads to the meaningful life we all desire, even when countless distractions in our world threaten to pull our eyes away from Jesus. We can find comfort in the words of Psalm 16:8, “I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” 

Learn how the next generation is finding and following Jesus at hppres.org/kids-students.  

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