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Leaving a Legacy

Published On April 12, 2023

family photoWendy Jordan first set foot on the HP Pres campus at the age of sixteen at the invitation of another teen. She heard the Gospel for the first time that night and was completely changed. Over the years, she stayed involved with HP Pres even after she moved to Oklahoma with her late husband.

After twenty years away, Wendy returned to Dallas to look after her mother. She was looking for community and was so excited to hear about the Third Third ministry at HP Pres. The ministry opened Wendy’s eyes to the things people her age and older experience.

Once she began attending the Flourishing in the Third Third course, topics like the value of nostalgic foods helped her care for her mother. She would make lists of foods that would comfort her mother and was excited to see how those foods rejuvenated her mother’s spirit.

Wendy eventually began leading a course group herself and shared it online with her friends in Oklahoma. They all loved the Flourishing in the Third Third curriculum and were grateful for the opportunity to connect with one another on engaging topics. Many people connected online are caretakers or cannot leave home but still experience community through the Third Third ministry regardless of their situation.

Wendy’s experience in the course has given her a more empathetic and compassionate heart for others, specifically as she cares for her mother. The Flourishing in the Third Third course has prompted her to think of her own legacy and future generations. Surrounded by people with more wisdom and life experience than her, Wendy has experienced first-hand the value of intergenerational relationships between believers. She wants to leave a legacy of faith for her family and has found the resources to do that through the Flourishing in the Third Third course.

God can use you whether you are thriving, struggling, or just feeling lost in your current purpose. Take the opportunity to dive in to learn, grow, and prepare for what God has planned next. You never know what good things will come of it!

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