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Joy Ignited

Published On March 3, 2023

testimony photoAfter attending HP Pres for a few months, Ashley was interested in getting better connected and finding a community to help her grow spiritually. 

She decided to join a community group, which helped ignite a new joy in her life and has given her a deep, spiritual community. She looks forward to church every week, knowing she’ll see the friends she made through her group. 

The people involved in Ashley’s group have extended their friendships beyond Tuesday night gatherings and are doing life together daily. She’s been surprised by the number of meaningful relationships she’s gained by joining this community group.

Ashley encourages people considering joining a group at HP Pres by saying, “God loves to take very different people and put them together to grow together, learn from each other, and make an impact on the world – be a part of that. It’s really special.”

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