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Good to Feel Known

It’s Good to Be Known

Published On August 22, 2023

Anchor and Ascent give people an opportunity to dig deep in their relationship with God while walking alongside one another. Jennifer has been involved in Anchor from the very start and was “intrigued by the idea of sitting in intergenerational tables with women who were willing to share their experience and wisdom with others.”

What started as a group of young moms looking for mentorship on how to navigate motherhood became a community of women that stick together through all of life’s highs and lows. The weekly conversations these women have at Anchor give them space to pray, celebrate, console, and keep each other accountable. This Bible study has given Jennifer “such a great feeling to be known – to walk into Highland Park Presbyterian on a Sunday morning and have women who know [her], who ask about real things that are going on in [her] life.”

Having a designated time each week for believers to connect and discuss God’s Word help them stay consistent and accountable in their walk with God. “From my personal study, to hearing the ideas shared by the women in my group, to the weekly lessons led by the Anchor teaching team, my depth of knowledge about the Bible has deepened and I’ve found great joy in studying God’s Word with others.”

It can be easy to fill our schedules with work, school, or family time without prioritizing our spiritual growth, but “when I prioritize personal time with the Lord and fellowship and encouragement with other believers, I find that I am more of the mom I want to be to my kids and the wife I want to be to my husband.” You can also grow in your faith and build meaningful relationships through Bible studies this fall. Go to hppres.org/events to learn more.

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