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Published On September 25, 2023

In October 2022, a young woman protesting in Iran was severely beaten by security forces and collapsed on the ground. Her friends managed to drag her away from the eyes of the security officials and took her to an open apartment that was nearby. At the same time, another group of protesters who were fleeing from the violence of the security forces also took refuge in the same apartment. They were received warmly by the owners of the apartment who gave the beaten woman painkillers and treated her leg. However, the pain did not subside which indicated that the leg was possibly broken. If injured protesters were taken to hospital, they would risk being arrested as the hospitals were controlled by the Police and Revolutionary Guards.

Two of the women present in the apartment were Christian students from PARS Theological Centre who, upon seeing how much pain this woman was in, asked if she would like them to pray for her healing in the name of Jesus Christ. This girl responded: “Whatever calamity we face comes from religion and God, and you want to ask God to help me?” They explained that the God of the gospel is one who searches for people. He is the God who wants to have a relationship with his children. He is the God who became incarnate and who came to us in order that we might know him.

That night, after the injured girl had been introduced to the true God, she accepted the offer of the PARS students to pray for healing in the name of Christ. After the prayer, this young woman realized that her leg had been touched and warmed by the presence of God. With much excitement, she exclaimed that God had healed her. The two students then told her that he was not only a God of healing but that he desired to be the personal God of this woman and all those who were in this home.

That night the conversation continued until midnight, and it was agreed that the following night after the protests, this group would again gather again and have further discussion about the message of the Gospel.

On the second night, the conversation continued. The group was increasingly drawn toward the person and character of Christ, in contrast to other prophets and religious leaders they had believed in. Some asked for a copy of the Gospel, so the Christian students promised to bring them copies of the New Testament. Then the healed woman asked if they could bring her a cross to put around her neck.

One of the Christian women gave the girl her own cross, and as she put it around her neck, the girl started crying with joy. There were further nights of discussion concerning the meaning of freedom in the Christian faith and Jesus’ love and respect for women. These discussions have continued since then, and these students have asked us to pray that those involved would come to faith in Christ.

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