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Seeing Our Kids Grow Spiritually

Published On May 24, 2023

family photoAs a child, Catherine attended VBS and watched her mom volunteer to help with all the fun activities of the week. That experience has stuck with her over the years as she now leads her own children by example. 

Catherine and her husband began teaching on Sundays in the Highland Kids ministry to prioritize getting to church consistently despite juggling all the challenges of early parenthood. This led to volunteering for VBS where they continue to teach their kids by example to love and engage in their faith.

At VBS, the children grow in their knowledge and love for Jesus as they experience this concentrated week of worship and fun. “Getting a front-row seat to watching their relationship with the Lord grow is something we don’t get to see as much as they grow up, so I am thankful that we get to share this week as a family each summer,” Catherine reminds us. 

The easiest and best thing you can do for your kids is just to show up for them. There is a ton of support behind the scenes that makes volunteering easy and gives you time to connect with the kids and truly invest in them. 

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