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summer interns

Empowering Young Leaders

Published On July 27, 2023

Over the summer, interns at HP Pres participated in service projects, teaching, and mission trips that helped to build confidence in their faith while giving them skills that can be used in all areas of life. As college students, they are in an exciting time of life that will shape who they become as adults.

Every week, the nine interns planned and taught lessons in the Highland Kids and Student ministries that “helped kids start their faith journey” (Ellie, Elementary Intern). Because they got to share their faith in simple terms with the young students, each intern found that their own faith was strengthened. College students spend much of their time and energy expanding their knowledge, so it was refreshing to “slow down and look at things through the eyes of the kids” they were leading (Sophie, 5th and 6th Intern).

In addition to the practical skills, they learned over the summer, they created relationships with students, staff, and each other that helped them grow in their faith. While serving at HP Pres, the interns loved “seeing the younger generation’s excitement because it makes you feel excited too” (John P., Middle School Intern).

The interns were empowered to share their faith through teaching, acts of service, and one-on-one conversations. Everyone has a story to share. No matter how young or what your experience is, “your voice matters and you have something to contribute” (Sophie, 5th and 6th intern).

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