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Ashley and William Rury

Craving Connection

Published On September 15, 2023

Growing up, Ashleigh and William attended separate churches with their families. After they were married, they decided to make HP Pres their home church. Wanting a way to feel more connected with the church and the Word, the couple decided to join a community group. “Just going to church on Sundays is great, but we craved more and knew we would benefit from a community where we study and discuss the Bible on deeper level.”

Community Groups range in size, frequency, format, and composition, but share a commitment to helping one another find and follow Jesus. Ashleigh and William have grown in their knowledge of the Bible because “each person brings different knowledge and thoughts to the discussions each week, so [they] get to ‘chew’ on the Word from lots of different perspectives/interpretations.”

No single person has the answers to all of life’s struggles, but we can help each other by sharing what we’ve learned from our own experiences. Spending time with fellow believers enables us to learn “from their knowledge about the Bible and have their passion stir our own passion for Christ.”

If you are craving connection with God’s people and a better understanding of God’s Word, Community Groups is a great place for you! “You will love it and get so much from it! Surrounding yourself with people who love God and are eager to follow Him will always be a blessing and be so fruitful.”

Find your community at hppres.org/groups.

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