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Brett’s Testimony

Published On February 10, 2023

family photoAs a legacy of HP Pres, Brett has experienced ongoing personal growth through relationships and ministries within the church. From a young age, his parents set an example of faith and continue to lead at HP Pres to this day. He was given a great launching point in his faith that supported Brett in coming to know Jesus personally.

After college, Brett joined the Young Adult ministry at HP Pres. Surrounded by fellow believers, his faith flourished, and he was encouraged to put his faith into action. He joined mission trips, weekend service projects, and helped lead a small group of students.

His willingness to serve and strong faith friendships fostered his relationship with God and openness to His call. When Brett was nominated as an elder, he was initially unsure that the timing was right. However, prayer and advice from the people in his life made it clear that the Lord’s timing was perfect, and the time was now.

Brett reminds us that God is enough! We will sin and fall short, but God loves us and created us all with unique gifts. You are not alone, and it is never too late to invest in your relationship with Jesus.

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