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A New Calling

Published On May 1, 2023

family photo“I was not looking for a change. I love my job, and we view HP Pres as our family. However, I had told myself that I would never say no outright to opportunities.

When someone asked if they could pass my name to Hackberry Creek, I said sure. I fully expected God to shut it down, but he never did. At each step of the process, he made it clear where he was calling me. He showed me how all my experiences here at HP Pres would line up with what he wanted me to help with at Hackberry.

God went before us, giving us the ability to stay here, letting my son graduate from HP High School, and for my wife Amy to have access to her excellent oncologist here in Dallas. He worked out everything.

We are so excited but, at the same time, sad because this church has truly been our home and family. But we can’t ignore where God calls us, so we follow. We are so excited to see what he has for us at Hackberry.”

Walter Teter, Lay Pastor

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