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A Completely Transformed Life

Published On January 30, 2023

public speaking One night the summer before her junior year of high school, Kelsey’s life was completely transformed. She had grown up in church, but her relationship with Jesus began that very night at church camp. Years later, she describes a feeling of a warm blanket of peace coming over her while praying to invite Jesus into her heart.

Kelsey came to HP Pres as an adult and has spiritually grown leaps and bounds during her nearly 20 years here. After joining as a covenant partner in 2005, Kelsey has served in various ministries. Her years of involvement led to her openness to Holy Spirit, calling her into leadership as an elder.

Since her relationship with Jesus started in 1994, Kelsey has come to know him as a comforter, healer, and deliverer, and most recently, he has become her rock. No matter how much you’ve grown in your faith, there is always space to learn and grow closer to him.

When Kelsey looks back on her biggest spiritual growth spurts, they involve one of three things: reading the Bible in a year, learning to hear the voice of God in prayer, and mentors that have poured into her life through discipleship. It only takes one step to begin your spiritual journey, and any of these actions can lead you to a life of peace and growth in God. Why not start today?

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