Highland Park

Bryan Dunagan

"Sometimes when there aren’t words to say, when there aren’t answers, or clichés, or verses to quote, sometimes the only comfort we have is to share in our sufferings. It’s the only way to hold onto that fragile sense of hope, that God is with us in the suffering. That day came when God put on flesh and entered this world, in his suffering he became our comforter, our deliverer" - Bryan Dunagan, 2021

Dunagan Funds

Many of you have asked how we are helping the Dunagan family. To do this, we’ve created two funds – the Dunagan Family Fund and the Dunagan Memorial Fund. You can give now on the links below.
The Dunagan Family Fund is intended to help with daily living expenses for Ali and the children and is not tax-deductible.
Donations to the Dunagan Memorial Fund will assist HP Pres in honoring Bryan’s legacy through support of Vision 100 goals that Bryan spearheaded, including spiritual discipleship, evangelism, prayer initiatives, church planting, and the development of young leaders. Donations to this fund are tax-deductible. 

Memories and Photos

As we grieve, we want to create a collection of memories and photos of Bryan Dunagan to remember him well for years to come. Please share with us how Bryan has impacted you, what you remember best about him, your stories, and your favorite pictures to help build his legacy.

Grief & Care

Small groups to help process grief are being formed. Let us know you are interested by filling out the form below.

We've also complied a list of help grief resources, spiritual practices, scripture, and readings that you may find comfort and solace in.