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Transform Dallas

Transforming Lives

Published On July 1, 2024

On Saturday, June 22, our city was flooded with volunteers who painted houses, handed out food boxes, helped with landscaping, and showed love to the people of Dallas. For the past eight years, this city-wide workday known as Transform Dallas has been a physical representation of God’s love in our community.

The events from past weekend were a part of Transform Month and reminded us that service is not just one day a year or even a whole month. It is a part of our daily lives as Christ-followers. Join us in praying that Transform Month will be a catalyst for people to make a habit of serving others in their everyday lives.

Thank you to everyone that showed up last Saturday to Transform Dallas. We are so grateful for you! To find more ways you can make a difference in our city, go to hppres.org/serve-our-city.

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