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For the Nations Snack Bags

Loving Our Neighbors

Published On June 10, 2024

This past week, we welcomed hundreds of kids to our campus for VBS. Between all the laughter, playtime, and new friendships, kids were taught what it means to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). Then, they were given the chance to put that love into action by packing snack bags for a camp hosted by our mission partner, For the Nations. 

Over the summer, For the Nations hosts a camp for children of local refugees where they can receive the resources they need to succeed while building relationships in their new home. Studies show that around forty thousand refugees have resettled in Texas since 2013. The city of Dallas alone is expected to see another 2,800 displaced people within the next year.  Each one of these people arrives with their own experiences and dreams of the future, but they often move without a support system or the resources to adjust to life in a foreign country. 

For the Nations helps refugees build a new life by providing them with educational, financial, and spiritual resources. The snack bags kids packed this week at VBS are a small way that we can come alongside them in their mission to share God’s love with refugees in tangible ways. The camp can see up to 500 kids each day, so they need 14,000 bags to provide each kid with a snack. This is a great project for any group (individual families, small groups, Sunday Schools). By providing snack bags, we free up resources that enable For the Nations to reach more kids. It is a simple task that goes a long way, and you can help make that possible! 

There are several more snack bag opportunities throughout Transform Month that you can still join. Go to hppres.org/transform to learn how you can get involved. 

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