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Transform Dallas

Life-Changing Leadership

Published On June 14, 2024

Throughout the Bible, we see examples of how effective leadership can transform a community. Biblical leaders like Esther, who risked her privilege and life to save her community, Peter, the rock on which Jesus chose to build his church, taught us to be close to our Savior even when we made mistakes, and Jesus himself, who taught the disciples that leadership requires us to serve both our enemies and loved ones.  

“When communities lack leadership, their neighborhoods struggle to provide safety, their schools continually fail to provide adequate education, and their families are underserved” (Wil McCall, President and CEO of Dallas Leadership Foundation). DLF brings businesses, churches, civil services, educators, neighborhoods, and individuals together to achieve unprecedented community change. They are leveraging the leadership of many to achieve impossible good through community initiatives. All generations are finding and following Jesus in our city and beyond through work readiness and training programs, re-entry programs for people who were incarcerated, summer youth camps, food packing, and so many more community programs made possible by the work DLF is doing in our community. 

We are joining our long-term mission partner DLF throughout June for Transform Month, which will culminate to a city-wide workday at the end of the month called Transform Dallas. “For nearly three decades, DLF has partnered with neighborhood leaders in low income neighborhoods to design programs that directly benefit their communities. Transform Dallas is a long-standing program that has improved the neighborhood’s aesthetic, energized community engagement, and highlighted the importance of loving our Dallas neighbors.” 

You can sign up to participate in Transform Dallas on Saturday, June 22, at hppres.org/transform. 

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