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Rec at HP Pres

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Join us for a time of rejuvenation here at HP Pres. This class will be offered once a week on Thursday mornings at 9 am in the Music Room, and is led by Niki Hobbs.

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Join us on Mondays for Pickleball in the HP Pres gym from 6:30-8:30 pm. We enjoy a friendly rotation of Pickleball on our three courts in the gym. From beginner to pro, we invite everyone to come and play. Lessons are available at 6 pm if you are new.


Basketball League

Every Fall, teams from around our community register to compete in this friendly league. More details are available below.


Registration for Team Coordinators

The HP Pres Church League (previously PCBL) has been a historic presence in the Park Cities for nearly 40 years. It is a Christ-centered basketball league that allows students to enjoy competitive play in a safe and fun environment. Every year, more than 250 male students from 7th–12th grade participate in a season that spans 6–8 weeks, with leagues organized according to grade level.  Every game begins with a devotional and follows high school basketball rules with trained and certified referees and table workers. The league has volunteers who manage the time clock, scores, fouls, and substitutions. The season concludes with playoffs and championships in each league.

Registration for the current season is now closed.

The season runs from Saturday, Jan. 20, 2024, to Saturday, Feb 18, 2024. The season concludes with playoffs and championships in each league. Playoffs occur on February 24, 25 & March 2, 2024.

All games will be played in the Gym at HP Pres (3821 University Blvd.)

Game schedule:

  • Saturday mornings: 7th–8th grade
  • Saturday and Sunday afternoons: 9th–10th grade
  • Saturday and Sunday afternoons: 11th–12th grade
    EACH PLAYER MUST READ THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT AND COMPLETE THE HP PRES YOUTH RELEASE FORM BEFORE PARTICIPATINGIf you have questions, please contact the league commissioner, Wilson Engel at wilson.engel@hppres.orgGAME RULES Unless otherwise stated herein, the league rules will be those for Federation (youth) play. A game will consist of two (2) twenty-minute halves with a running clock, except the last minute of each half where the clock stops. Scripture and prayer will be before each game.

    • The clock will stop for time outs.
    • The clock will stop on every whistle during the last minute of each half.
    • Exception: The clock will continue to run if a team is leading by 15 or more points.
    • A team with a 10+ point lead may not full-court press their opponent at any time.
    • Half-Time will be two minutes.
    • Overtime Periods will be 2 minutes with a stopped clock the entire time. Each team starts with only 1 timeout. If game is still tied after 2 overtime periods, the game will be decided by free throws. One player on each team is selected by their team to shoot 2 free throws. If it’s tied, choose new player and keep shooting until winner is found.
    • Each team is guaranteed an automatic spot into a single elimination playoff

    Teams must have a REGISTERED TEAM COMMISSIONER and at least (4) registered players. The registered team commissioner must be at least 21 years of age. Fewer than 4 registered players at a game will result in a forfeit. After three forfeits, that team will be disqualified from the playoffs. No unregistered players are permitted in games at any time. *Teams who use unregistered players will forfeit the game(s). * After late registration ends, no additional team members can be added to the roster except as a replacement for an injured team member and with approval of the league commissioner. No player may be registered for more than one team.

    If a team does not have 4 players AND a team commissioner by game time, 5 minutes will be put on the clock. After the first 5 minutes, if the team still does not have 4 players and a coach then the opposing team will be awarded 10 points and the first half clock will start at 15 minutes. 5 more minutes will be placed on the clock, and if the team is still not ready then they will forfeit the game.


    Basketball League at HP Pres players must wear the approved uniform.

    1. This is a reversible jersey of any (2) colors (must be HPPres basketball league jersey)
    2. Individual number must be on back of jersey
    3. No hats or jewelry may be worn
    4. Teams must have matching jersey colors. Appropriate attire is at the discretion of the referee present at the game.

    Coordinated uniforms ( I.e. Jerseys, shirts, etc.) with different numbers are REQUIRED for a team to play in church league. If a team is present without coordinated uniforms with number by game time, then it will follow under the forfeit policy.


    This is a Christ centered league that is designed for safe, fun fellowship. There will be no toleration for those who conduct themselves outside the rules set before them. Language, arguing or derogatory remarks to referees and intentional physical or verbal abuse directed at anyone, anytime while in the gym will receive immediate consequences.

    Any form of taunting will not be tolerated. Even players on the bench are subject to technical fouls if it is deemed they are belittling other players. They will receive a warning and if the player fails to comply they will receive a technical foul. Coaches are expected to control the conduct of their players.

    A player who receives an unsporting conduct technical foul must sit out for five minutes on the game clock. If a second unsporting conduct technical foul is received by the same player in the same game, the player will be suspended from that game and must leave the church premises.

    If a player receives a total of four unsporting conduct technical fouls during the season, the player is suspended for the remainder of the season with no refund.

    Three behavioral/unsporting conduct technical fouls by a team in a game will result in the team’s forfeit of that game. In addition, the court supervisor will have the authority to remove anyone from the building whom they believe is exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct. TEAM COMMISSIONERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONDUCT OF THEIR PLAYERS AT ALL TIMES.

    If a team commissioner fails to hold himself/ herself and their players to the standard of the league, they will be removed and replaced with another team commissioner. It is at the discretion of the league commissioner as to whether their entire team will continue to play or whether they will have to forfeit the league.


    Any form of intoxication from alcohol or drugs at the game by players or spectators is cause for expulsion from the gym and the league. There are no exceptions.

    A maximum of three (3) high school players (Varsity, JV A, JV B, Freshmen A, Freshmen B) are allowed on a HP Pres Church League team. In the case of Middle School, a maximum of two (2) ‘A’ team players and two (2) ‘B’ team players will be allowed on a team for a total of four (4) potential school team players.


    Anyone who registers as an individual will be put on a team by the team commissioner with other players who sign up individually. If there are not enough players signed up individually to make a team, we will do our best to put them on an existing team. No unregistered players are permitted on the court at any time. No player may be registered for more than one team. Registration for individuals is non-refundable.

    Players must present a Student I.D. at the table when they check in for a game. It can either be a hard copy or a photo on a phone or other electronic device.

    The league commissioner has the right to add any free agent to any team. Please be kind and willing if one is placed on your team.


    In order to register for a specific team, enter the team’s name and the team coordinator’s name (if known) in the appropriate boxes while registering online. The required minimum number of players per team is 7, and no more than twelve players per team are recommended in order to give all players a chance to play during a game.

    A Team Coordinator is required to sign up and be present at each basketball game. They must be 18 years or older and out of high school. If the team coordinator cannot be present, there must be an adult replacement that is communicated with me prior to your game.


    This year, there will be no rescheduling of games due to gym availability constraints. If a team does not show up, an automatic forfeit will be assigned to that team.


    Teams will be rated by the table workers and referees at the end of each game by their behavior and conduct during the game.

    1 Strike- Team’s play did not resemble basketball, and/or they showed no respect for their teammates, opponents, coaches, fans, table workers and referees. They received two or more technical fouls for poor behavior/ unsporting conduct.

    An Automatic Strike will be applied to any team that plays with an unregistered player.

    1 Strike– Team forfeits next game
    3 Strikes- Team is unable to participate in the playoffs

    4 Strikes– Team is suspended from the league

    Examples of Behavioral/Unsporting Conduct Technical Fouls:
    – Extensive and derogatory arguing with the referees and/or table workers
    – Verbal abuse or taunting of another person in the gym
    – Any physical altercation will result in double technical and ejection for the player.
    – Play on the court that does not resemble basketball, and intentionally or unintentionally puts others in harm’s way, i.e. sliding.


Email Wilson Engel, Director of Recreation