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Rec at HP Pres

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Join us for a time of rejuvenation here at HP Pres. This class will be offered once a week on Thursday morning at 9 am starting in January, and is led by Niki Hobbs.

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Join us on Mondays for Pickleball in the HP Pres gym from 6:30-8:30 pm. We enjoy a friendly rotation of Pickleball on our two courts in the gym. From beginner to pro, we invite everyone to come and play. Lessons are available at 6 pm if you are new.


The HP Pres Church League (previously PCBL) has been a historic presence in the Park Cities for nearly 40 years. It is a Christ-centered basketball league that allows students to enjoy competitive play in a safe and fun environment. Every year, more than 250 male students from 7th–12th grade participate in a season that spans 6–8 weeks, with leagues organized according to grade level.  Every game begins with a devotional and follows high school basketball rules with trained and certified referees and table workers. The league has volunteers who manage the time clock, scores, fouls, and substitutions. The season concludes with playoffs and championships in each league.

The season runs from Saturday, Jan. 21 to Saturday, Feb 25. The season concludes with playoffs and championships in each league. Playoffs occur on March 25 & April 1.

All games will be played in the Gym at HP Pres (3821 University Blvd.)

Game schedule:

  • Saturday mornings: 7th–8th grade
  • Saturday and Sunday afternoons: 9th–10th grade
  • Sunday afternoon and evenings: 11th–12th grade
  • Players must register themselves and will be able to request the team they want to play on by indicating who is their Team Coordinator.
  • Students can also sign up without a team and be placed on a team by us.
  • Teams must have a minimum of 7 and are recommended to have no more than 12 players total.
  • If a team does not show, a forfeit will be awarded.
  • School team player limits:
    • High School: Maximum of 3 school team players are allowed.
    • Middle School: Maximum of 4 school players and no more than two A team players are allowed on a team.
  • UNIFORMS: All teams are required to have reversible jerseys with numbers and the same colors.


Email Wilson Engel, Director of Recreation