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The Written Word Became the Living Word

Published On March 9, 2023

family photoBaptized at HP Pres as an infant, Andrew spent his whole life involved in various ministries within the church. After attending SMU, he and his wife were married at HP Pres and began raising their family in the Park Cities area.

As their children grew and participated in the children’s ministry, Andrew found himself going through the motions of being a Christian. They attended church as a family, but his heart was not committed to furthering his relationship with God. 

After serving in different areas within the church, including the deacon ministry, Andrew was invited to join a group of men committed to reading through the Bible in 90 days.

He had recently completed the Bible in One Year Reading plan but took about three years to read through the whole Bible. Although he didn’t finish the plan in a year as intended, Andrew committed to reading the Bible cover to cover in 90 days and finished it in 88 days. 

This experience completely transformed his faith. The stories he learned growing up became real for him, and the written word became the Living Word. After experiencing this transformation himself, he wanted others to have this same life change. He went on to lead discussions in the 90-day Bible reading group several times and served in the elder ministry for several years. 

As a lawyer, he would never advise on a document he hadn’t read all the way through and realized that’s what he was doing in his faith by not reading the Bible. His life and faith were never the same when he committed to the reading challenge.

Andrew is currently serving in the elder ministry for the second time and continues to encourage people to read the Bible for themselves. Reading the Bible is not an academic exercise or obligation. It is an experience that deepened Andrew’s relationship with God and can do the same for you. 

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