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Caroline Walker

The Personal Nature of Prayer

Published On March 15, 2024

In the quiet hours of the night, Caroline arrived at the Prayer Vigil that was meeting continuously throughout Holy Week. Upon entering the designated space, she found stations designed to lead people in all kinds of prayers. Other prayers were already writing letters of joy, kneeling at the cross in quiet lament, and meditating in the stillness of the chapel. Caroline recalls that “there was something really holy about those middle of the night hours being in a place where I’ve experienced so much of God.” 

Since coming to HP Pres in 2019, Caroline has grown most significantly in her prayer life.  She shares that because of the prayer opportunities at HP Pres, she “better understands the power of prayer and the authority we have as Christ-followers.” The Prayer Vigil is significant to her because it creates an environment for people to spend time with God completely uninterrupted. 

As we learn in Mark 14:34, Jesus called his disciples to “watch and pray” with him in his final hours. The Holy Week before Easter, we are again following this example by having a continuous presence of daily prayer in our chapel, parlor, and surrounding rooms. As Caroline shares, “the Prayer Vigil is a place where people can come with no agenda, knowing that all you have to do is show up and God and his people will show you the rest.” 

Go to hppres.org/lent to sign up for a one-hour slot where you can pray alone, with your family, friends, or community group Monday–Sunday, March 25–31. 

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