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Serving Our Next Generation

Published On May 22, 2023

family photoHayden participated in VBS as a child and is delighted that his own three children are attending VBS at HP Pres again this year. His involvement in VBS started because of his wife and children. “I wanted to join them as a family and help encourage more men to participate,” Hodges says of his choice to volunteer with Highland Kids.

Everyone has something to offer in the Kingdom of God, and you’ll often find that you are blessed by the ministry you are serving in. As a VBS volunteer, Hayden sees children experience God in a relaxed, often less intimidating way than in a Sunday church service. The kids learn to take ownership of their faith separate from their parents while having fun with their friends.

After serving alongside his family at VBS, Hayden shared that God showed him how “giving, serving our next generation, is more rewarding than receiving.” When we are open to answering God’s call, our life is filled with the blessings we receive through serving others.

Because of his experience serving at VBS, Hayden encourages other people to get involved this year. “Give it a chance and step outside of your box. It’s fun, rewarding, and we need more Christian men to come alongside our Christian women to help lead our youth.”

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