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Scanned photo of a couple at their wedding

Prepping for Marriage

Published On August 18, 2022

testimony/storiesAs a clinical social worker and play therapist, Liza has developed her skills to educate others on cultivating healthy attachments that can have lifetime benefits. She is using these skills to guide couples through challenging topics in in the 6-week Marriage Prep class.

Liza shares with couples in the class that “marriage is a bedrock of our community. Healthy marriages can foster healthy families, kids, groups, work environments, friendships, and churches. Marriages that communicate and mutually support one another will positively impact our entire community.”

Preparing for marriage can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right skills or community to guide you through it. In the Marriage Prep course at HP Pres, Liza and other teachers help couples cultivate healthy attachments by equipping them with communications skills and connecting them with other couples to mentor them through this new season of life.

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