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Learning to Lead

Published On August 2, 2022

testimony/storyWhen Elise first moved to Dallas, she already knew the Bible very well from attending a Christian school in Houston. However, it wasn’t until her family started attending HP Pres that Jesus became real for her.

Elise was nearing the end of her 4th-grade year when her mom began to lead a Bible study group, and watching her mom model leadership fostered an eagerness in Elise to learn how to lead as well. After two years of watching and learning, Elise was ready to start a group of her own.

In March of 2022 Elise began to dive into the Bible with other 5th and 6th-grade girls. Since then, they have grown in their faith together while forming close bonds of friendships. Elise found a passion for sharing Jesus and wants other people to experience a relationship with him too.

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