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Equipping the Next Generation

Published On October 25, 2022

Bakke-volunteer-testimonyOver the years, Erin and Andrew have built relationships through HP Pres that encourage and challenge them in their faith. The impact of these relationships have inspired them to serve alongside the people that made such a difference in their own lives. 

Erin and Andrew volunteered in the Highland Student ministry for several years and saw many students grow into thriving young adults. After the birth of their son nearly 3 years ago, they started using the nursery during church service and immediately wanted to help the people that were helping them so much. 

The joy they experience from serving families and their children is a huge blessing to the young couple. It is easy for them to offer attention and love to the tiniest humans because of children’s sweet and pure spirits. They look forward to serve in partnership with the teachers each week and are making a difference in the lives of people around them, no matter how young. 

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