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Building a Lasting Foundation

Published On January 19, 2023

Married since 2019, Caleb and Holly continue to utilize the skills they learned in the Marriage Prep course at HP Pres. They were drawn to this course as a way to begin their marriage with a strong foundation but also gained lasting relationships with the leaders and other couples.

Even though it is years later, Caleb and Holly use the communication skills they learned to support each other in their relationships and parenting their son. When tensions are high, they have that foundation reminding them they are on the same team and can validate each other’s feelings and needs.

Because of Marriage Prep, they better understand God’s design for marriage and have a group of friends and mentors who genuinely care to see their marriage flourish.

You can start your marriage off right and build a lasting foundation that will still benefit your relationship years later. Whether navigating holidays as a married couple, finding community, or talking through the hard issues, there is something for you in Marriage Prep.Family Christmas Photo

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