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Building a Healthy Marriage

Published On July 26, 2023

As Cameron and Catherine approached their wedding day, they decided to participate in Marriage Prep at HP Pres. Both had the desire to begin their marriage with a strong foundation and felt this course was the perfect place to start.

While attending Marriage Prep, they “loved hearing from other couples within the church and getting to learn from their experiences and the way they problem-solved in order to prioritize God and their marriage” (Catherine). Cameron and Catherine strengthened their relationship by learning from these other couples, discussing important topics, and developing healthy frameworks for their marriage.

Along with the relationships they built, they also learned to institute a weekly date night that they still do each week. They use their weekly sushi dates to “step away from the hustle of daily life and talk about things important to [their] marriage to ensure it is never being neglected” (Cameron). It’s something they both look forward to and is a practical tool they learned to keep growing in their relationship with each other and with God.

Through Marriage Prep, Cameron and Catherine found “an avenue that not only helped [them] strive for a relationship FOCUSED on God, but also a launch pad that helped [them] want to be more involved with the church itself” (Cameron). Couples get a chance to celebrate this season of life while prioritizing strong relationships and communication skills. You can start your marriage with a strong foundation too by participating in this rewarding experience!

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