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A Tangible Example of Faith

Published On May 24, 2023

family photoCarson and Kyle both grew up attending HP Pres and knew they wanted to raise their own children in the church. They are invested in helping their children grow in their faith and want them to understand how much they value that. 

Once their girls were old enough to attend, Carson and Kyle began volunteering at VBS. “Showing up and spending our own time for 4 solid days in a row at the very beginning of the summer is a tangible way for us to show them with our actions how much we value that investment and make it a priority,” reflects Carson. 

Since Carson and Kyle grew up attending HP Pres, they have seen the multigenerational span of VBS volunteers each year. They experience so much joy in seeing people go from watching them grow to now seeing their kids grow up. It is an excellent picture of the body of Christ functioning together, where every person has something to offer. 

Even as adults, Carson and Kyle continue to benefit from the messages and mantras at VBS. They encourage others to be a part of this special week and receive the blessings that come with giving a small piece of your time. There is a place for everyone to serve at VBS! 

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