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Pam and David

A Life of Service

Published On July 8, 2024

David and Pam became mission partners with HP Pres in the spring of 1989. They were hungry for a church community and were recommended to HP Pres by David’s parents. On their first visit, people welcomed them instantly and connected them to classes for their kids and themselves. 

While in Dallas, Pam and David were attending SIL, a program equipping people with skills such as Bible translation, linguistic research, and language tools. Their intention in attending the program was to use those skills in the mission field. Through the relationships and support they found at HP Pres, they were able to do just that. 

Over the following thirty-five years, they served as missionaries in the South Pacific, Kazakhstan, China, and Tibet. Their lives have been in the service of others to teach them the good news of freedom in Christ. This June marks the end of their formal missionary life, but they will continue be an example of what it means to walk closely with God in everything they do. 

We are honored to have been a part of their legacy of faith and will celebrate and pray alongside them as they enter this new season of life. 

Learn about all our mission partners and how you can support them at hppres.org/missions 

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