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Nominated Elders & Deacons – Congregational Meeting on March 26

Published On March 9, 2023

Congregational Meeting – March 26

Every year, Covenant Partners at HP Pres nominate members from our congregation to serve as elders and deacons at our church. This year, on Sunday, March 26, after the 9:30 am worship service, we are holding a congregational meeting to elect our newest elders and deacons. Learn more about the nominees and what it means to be an elder and a deacon below:

What is an Elder?

Our church is led by three types of ministers, elders, deacons, and pastors, each called to serve Jesus, and our church family in distinct ways. The Session is made up of twenty-four men and women who are elected by the congregation (Elders) and three of our pastors. They govern our church and provide spiritual and visionary oversight of our ministries and mission. Read the Elder requirements and responsibilities here.

Elder Nominees

Lana Adams

Lana has been a member at HP Pres for three years. She is currently a leader in Alpha and a volunteer in Starting Point. She has also been a leader in Starting Point. Lana has one adult daughter.

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Charles Davis

Charles has been a member at HP Pres for 18 years. He has served as an active deacon for the past 10 years, has been a Confirmation Mentor, has served on the Office Nominating Committee, and has been a moderator on the board of The Day School. He is currently active in Ascent Men’s Bible Study, the Prayer Project, and is a leader with the GriefShare ministry. Charles is married with two adult children.

Cole Evans

Cole has been a member of HP Pres for three years. He has enjoyed serving as a Sunday Class teacher and kids Bible study leader. Professionally, Cole has also worked at International Justice Mission in Washington, DC and a campus ministry at Stanford University. He is married to Anne and together they have three boys, William, Luke, and Owen.

Larry Glasscock

Larry has been a member of HP Pres for more than 30 years. He has served as a Deacon, Early Childhood teacher, VBS volunteer, and Officer Nominating Committee member. Larry has completed the NOVO Cohort Teach Me to Pray course and currently serves as a Confirmation mentor and table leader. He is married to Christi and has three adult children and three granddaughters, all of whom also attend HP Pres.

David Murray

David joined HP Pres in 2000 and was married in the church soon after in 2001. He has been highly involved in various committees across several ministry areas, including Worship, Discipleship, Facilities, Polity, and previous building projects. In addition to being a reserve elder, David currently serves in the Early Childhood ministry, student-parent advisory team, Discipleship Conversations, and attends Ascent, Journey Sunday Class, and a couples’ community group. He is married to Teresa and has two teenage children.

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Angie Vaughan

Angie has been a member of HP Pres for 37 years. In the 1990’s, she helped to launch the Sunday Greeters program and the Easter Sunday donut and coffee hospitality service. Since joining, she has also been a staff member in the Outreach and Deacon ministries, and has served as a Sunday Class teacher, VBS teacher, Day School Chaplain, Day School Board Member, and Anchor table leader. Currently, she is serving in the Prayer Room, Funeral Ministry, Discipleship Conversations, and Starting Point. Angie is married to Tim and has three adult children, Wilson, Anders, and Hollis.

What is a Deacon?

Our church is led by three types of ministers, elders, deacons, and pastors, each called to serve Jesus and our church family in distinct ways. Our deacons help build up our church community through ministries emphasizing spiritual care, prayer, and connection. They live across all our neighborhoods and are dedicated to helping people find and follow Jesus by ministering to them and offering guidance, love, and support. Read the Deacon requirements and responsibilities here.

Deacon Nominees

Alissa Christopher

Alissa has been a member at HP Pres for more than 25 years. She has been involved as a VBS teacher, Sunday Class teacher, Early Childhood Committee moderator, Officer Nominating Committee member, and as a participant in the Renewed in the Word Bible study. Currently, Alissa is active in the Trinity Class, Discipling Partners ministry, and as a child care volunteer. She is also the mother of two adult children.

Dan Easley

Dan has been a member of HP Pres since 2005. He has been active in Ascent men’s Bible Class since its inception and is an usher. In addition, Dan has been on the Cuba mission trip and several other local mission efforts. He enjoys working with youth and has done so in a variety of roles in our church. Dan is married to Carrie and has two adult children.

Elizabeth Frater

Elizabeth has been a member of HP Pres for more than 40 years. At HP Pres, she has served with Brew Crew, at Brother Bill’s and the Foster Closet, and was on the Community Bible Study Leadership Council for several years. Elizabeth has also participated in Redeemed Women and Treasures of Hope. She currently serves on the Disaster Relief Committee. Elizabeth is married with one adult son.

Brandy Grayson

Brandy has been attending HP Pres since she and her family moved to Dallas from Georgia in 2008. She has been an active member of the congregation for the past 11 years. During her time at HP Pres, Brandy has been involved with VBS, Alpha, Treasure Keepers, and Circle 7 Bible study. Brandy is a passionate volunteer at HP Pres and in the community.

Kuang-Chen Hill

Kuang-Chen (KC) has been a member at HP Pres since 2019 when she and her husband moved to Dallas. She has served as a leader for a community Bible study couples’ group, participated on the worship team, and has completed several short-term missions with her husband through past years. She is currently working as a professional psychotherapist and hospice chaplain.

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Shelley Huber

Shelley has been a member at HP Pres for 12 years. She has served as a Sunday Class teacher, a reading mentor, a VBS teacher, and a classroom helper in the West Dallas elementary school that HP Pres adopted. Shelley and her husband have participated in Re-Engage and have led Community Groups over the course of two years. Outside of HP Pres, she is a passionate community volunteer. Shelley is married with two adult children.

Margaret Kelley

Margaret grew up at HP Pres and has been a member since her confirmation in 7th grade. Since that time, she has taught Sunday Class, was a group leader for Anchor, and has taken mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Waco. She currently attends both the Anchor and Treasurer Keepers Bible studies. Margaret is married to Doug and they have two boys, Drake and Andrew.


Pat Langley

Pat began attending HP Pres soon after moving to Dallas from Atlanta in 2011. Since joining, she has been involved in a number of activities, including volunteering at the Foster Closet and serving as a CASA Advocate. Pat is humbled by and grateful for the opportunity to serve the HP Pres congregation as a deacon. She has two adult sons, two daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren.

Renne Lokey

Renne Lokey has attended HP Pres for more than 10 years and has been a member for five years.  She has taught at VBS, served as a confirmation mentor for 7th graders, been a table leader for Anchor Women’s Bible study, and has helped organize events within the Women’s Ministry. Renne is currently still active in the Anchor Women’s Bible Study and is a passionate community volunteer. She is married to Bill and has two children, Georgia and Billy.

Beth Peters

Beth began her life at HP Pres with Bible studies in the 5th grade. Raised in Dallas, she attended Christ the King Catholic Church until 2018, when she became a Presbyterian and returned as a member to HP Pres. Since joining, she has served in the Early Childhood and Highland Kids and Students ministries, assisting with VBS and Sunday Class. Beth is married to Nick and spends much of her time caring for their three children, Anne Louise, Drew and Millie.

Timothy Soh

Timothy joined as a member in 2017 and has been actively serving in the Mandarin Church since 2018. In the Mandarin Church, he leads the Children & Student ministries, conducts the adult and kids’ choirs for special events, and contemporaneously translates sermons in English. Within HP Pres, he also serves on the Safety Team. He is married to Sunny with three adult children.

Julie Woidneck

Julie grew up at HP Pres and has been a member for 25 years. She sits on the board of the Day School at HP Pres and is also a Sunday Class volunteer and small group leader. Julie is married with two young children.

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