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Prayer Project Training

  • When March 7
  • Time 7:00 pm
  • Location Room L
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HP Pres Covenant Partners, deepen your prayer life by joining a prayer team community. Led by former HP Pres staff member, Keith Peeler, and the Everfree ministry team, this seven-week course will teach you seven ways to engage in your prayer life alongside community.

“Not all prayers are the same, but they always carry similar characteristics. The one thing that ALL prayer incorporates is direct communication with our God. From scripture, we can identify different POSTURES of prayer for various situations. The Old and New Testaments have plenty of references to prayer to help inform our prayer life. This training will illuminate various prayer postures that can be observed throughout the Bible. Understanding prayer this way will shift your understanding of prayer from knowledge (information) to experience (practice). You will be empowered to pray with new boldness and courage as you seek scripture for inspiration to pray in any situation.” – Keith Peeler, Everfree Ministry

Join us for the first two general sessions on Feb. 28 and March 7, then choose one or more prayer sessions to attend for training.

  • Session 1 (for everyone) – Feb. 28: The Heart of Prayer
  • Session 2 (for everyone) – March 7: Prayer Postures and Spiritual Warfare
  • Session 3 – March 21: Intercessory Prayer
  • Session 4 – March 28: Inner Healing Prayer
  • Session 5 – April 11: Physical Healing Prayer
  • Session 6 – April 18: Prayer Walking
  • Session 7 – April 25: Crisis Prayer

The Prayer Project is a prayer movement at HP Pres where our church family is equipped to pray and activated through prayer team communities.

After completing Prayer Project Training, you’ll be given the opportunity to join one of several available Prayer Teams, where your new skills will be put to good use to intercede for others.


What is the difference between The Prayer Project prayer team training and the prayer growth class called Teach Me to Pray (formerly called The Novo Spiritual Authority Cohort)?

  • The Prayer Project training will be taught exclusively by former HP Pres staff member, Keith Peeler, and his Everfree Prayer Ministry through their lens of experience and perspective of over a decade of prayer ministry (Everfree is part of the Novo missions organization, so this will supplement the Novo curriculum).
  • This training is more “team” focused on praying in community for outward ministry, whereas the cohort/Teach Me to Pray focus is more focused on individual inward prayer for intimacy and renewal.
  • The Prayer Project team training will have more of a “201” level feel to it, but you don’t need to have taken the cohort/Teach Me to Pray to register.
  • We plan to host the Teach Me to Pray course each fall at HP Pres, but this is a special series taught by the Everfree Ministry to kickstart The Prayer Project team concept.

Do you have to complete the Cohort/Teach Me to Pray Class to register for The Prayer Project team training?

  • No. You are welcome to attend prayer team training if you have not completed the Cohort/Teach Me to Pray. All prayer warriors are welcome! Our hope is that moving forward, as more people graduate from the Cohort/Teach Me to Pray course, they will have a team to join to practice and sharpen their new prayer tools.

Do you need to be a member of HP Pres to attend The Prayer Project training or be on a prayer team?

  • Yes. This team training is for HP Pres Covenant partners who will need the spiritual covering of our church authority as they go out as teams ministering to our own church family and to the larger Dallas community.

Do I have to attend all seven prayer training sessions?

  • No, although we think you will love them all. You can choose the ones you are most interested in. We do recommend that you attend the first two trainings (The Heart of Prayer and Spiritual Warfare) as they are foundational to all the team trainings.

Can I still attend the trainings if I’m not quite sure I want to join a prayer team right now?

  • Absolutely. Feel free to attend the training without the need to commit right away. The training will be a blessing to you either way, and we hope it is a time of discernment for you if God is calling you to join one of these teams. Please register either way.

What will we learn in each session?

  • Session 1: February 28, 2023 – The Heart of Prayer

    • The Father’s Heart

    • Intimacy & Obedience

    • Listening & Prophetic Prayers

    • Listening for Self / Family / Group / Church

    • Exercises: • Previous “hearing God” experiences

      • Listening & Visualization Prayer

      • Discuss fears of getting it wrong

      • Blessing & Activation over the group

  • Session 2: March 7, 2023 – Prayer Postures & Spiritual Warfare

    • Biblical Basis for Prayer

    • Prayer Postures Unpacked

    • Overview of Spiritual Gifts & APEST

    • Spiritual Warfare Overview

    • Exercises:

      • Prayer Posture Page

      • Identity/Authority in Christ

  • Session 3: March 21, 2023 – Intercessory

    • Postures for Intercessory Prayer

    • Spiritual Authority

    • Processes for Teams

    • Exercises:

      • Practice Intercessory Prayer session

      • Debrief & Encourage

  • Session 4: March 28, 2023 – Inner Healing & Deliverance

    • Postures for Inner Healing

    • Postures for Deliverance

    • Processes for Inner Healing & Deliverance

    • Garbage & Rats

    • Exercises:

      • White Wall – Visualization Memory Prayer

      • Stuck Memories – Inner Children (Little Suzy)

      • Jail Cell & Heavenly Courtroom visualization prayer

  • Session 5: April 11, 2023 – Physical Healing

    • Postures for Physical Healing Prayer

    • Postures for Hospital rooms

    • Postures in public

    • Postures in private

    • Postures in church

    • Expectations & Disappointments

    • Exercises:

      • Discuss Previous Experience

      • Group prayer for healing

  • Session 6: April 18, 2023 – Land / Prayer Walking

    • Your Authority in locations

    • Praying over your home

    • Praying over your church

    • Praying over your city / country / world

    • Praying over your travel to other places

    • Prayer Walking (bicycling/driving/movement)

    • Exercises:

      • Prayer Walking

      • Discernment Prayer over places

  • Session 7: April 25, 2023 – Crisis/Timely Situations

    • Praying through Crisis

    • Family Crisis

    • Church Crisis

    • Local Crisis

    • National Crisis

    • World Crisis

    • Exercises:

      • Mock Crisis Groups

      • Group listening prayer

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