Highland Park

All Nations

An African Immigrant Community of Faith at HP Pres, meeting at 11 am in Wynne Chapel on campus at HP Pres.

Our Community of Faith

What is All Nations?


Simon King'ori

Pastor Simon King’ori

We’re so grateful for your interest in All Nations at HP Pres. Whether you’re just passing by or looking for a church home, we offer something for every walk of faith and every stage of life. If you’re questioning faith in God, or you’re a new believer, if you’ve been faithfully following Jesus, or you’re re-discovering faith, we want to meet you at your point of need and walk with you on your journey of faith.

Our mission here in All Nations is to learn and share how the story of Jesus shapes lives. As we grow and become transformed disciples of Jesus Christ, we seek to become a community that…

  1. Grows in how we love and care for one another in practical ways
  2. Preaches the good news of Jesus to all corners of the world
  3. Equips every believer to become a disciple-making disciple

Through our worship service, small groups, and community involvement, we strive to ensure that you and your loved ones experience the truth and love found in Jesus. Join us every Sunday at 11 am in Wynne Chapel.

In Christ-like Love,

Simon M. King’ori, Pastor of All Nations